To the Jew First: Office Hours Talks to David Zadok About Jewish Evangelism

Office Hours 2016 full sizeThis week Office Hours talks to Westminster Seminary California alumnus David Zadok about Reformed evangelism in Israel to the Jews. David helps direct Ha Gefen.

Here’s the interview.

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  1. Fantastic. Can’t wait to listen. And here I thought the Reformed were supposed to be anti-Semitic, anti-Judaic, replacement theology preachers! God bless the Gospel in Israel.

  2. CWI are big into criticising what the call ‘replacement theology’, which seems to me to be a dispensentional term of abuse for covenant theology.

    For example, their website includes articles critical of the

    “standard Reformed doctrines of supercessionism and amillennialism, under which the Old Testament promises of a glorious future for the nation of Israel are spiritualised and applied to the Christian Church”.

    or peculiar thoughts like this

    “Take the word “Israel”, for example: an exhaustive study of this word in the New Testament will, I believe, result in the conclusion that “Israel” refers only to the physical descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – the Jewish nation or people. Nevertheless, many Christians believe that the church is the “new” Israel.”

    I have two criticisms:

    i) while I don’t mind discussion of these topics (not sure I am amil myself), CWI puts in in a context of anti-semitism. I recently heard one CWI speaker who all but drew a line between the Holocaust and the theology of Vos. This seems distinctly uncharitable.

    ii) Politically I am fairly pro-Israel, and have a high regard for Jewish cultural chievement. I would love to support an organisation like CWI. So why does a missionary organisation spend so much time promoting particular controversial theology, rather than getting on with the job of evangelising? Why irritate potential supporters? Unless, of course, the organisation puts more weight on promoting what it calls ‘Christian Zionism’ than actual mission work.

    And in that case, why is Westminister or the Heidleblog publicising them? Do folks realise what they are like?

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