Reformed Congregation Planted in Sidney, Neb

Sidney, Nebraska is not far from the eastern border of Colorado, the home of Cabellas, big agribusiness, and it’s in a part of the country that usually gets more attention from thunderstorms than from church planters—until now. Thanks to the Aquila Report we now know that there is a PCA being planted in the Nebraska Panhandle. Dominic reports Highlands Reformed Presbyterian Church (PCA) “is a mission church of the Rocky Mountain Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church in America in Sidney, Neb. The Rev. Norm Kjellsen, a graduate of New Geneva Seminary inColorado Springs, is the church planting pastor.”


Darryl Hart on prejudice against rural ministry.

More on church (re-) planting in the Midwest.

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  1. Scott,
    I miss the storms in Nebraska: “In toto”
    -Those storms out there are crazy! Going down 80(?) lightening bolts everywhere!


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