The German Reformation Needs Your Help

Sebastian Heck is working toward planting an authentic, confessional Reformed congregation in Heidelberg but he needs your help. It’s coming down to “crunch time” as they say. I’m sure that there are readers of the HB who either can help directly or who can put Sebastian into contact with people who can help.

What can you do?

1. Pray

2. Consider supporting Sebastian financially

3. Put Sebastian in contact with people and congregations who might be able to support  this mission.

Sebastian is trained, he is confessional, he is passionate but he cannot do it without, as Paul puts it, your “partnership in the gospel” (Philippians, 1:3-5). It would be a shame to let this opportunity slip past us. The goal is quite reachable but we need to act, to borrow from the Supreme Court, “with all deliberate speed.”

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  1. How ironic that there is no Reformed influence there. Will be praying for God to Bless abundantly he, his family, and the Church.

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