Confessional Presbyterian Journal Vol 5 Coming Soon

CPJ-5-smOne of the best things to happen to confessional Reformed Christianity in the last several years is the publication of The Confessional Presbyterian. You can subscribe or renew your subscription online. Some of the contributions to the latest edition of the CPJ are:

• The Westminster Assembly & the Judicial Law: A Chronological Compilation and Analysis, by Chris Coldwell and Matthew Winzer.

• Pictures of Jesus and the Sovereignty of Divine Revelation: Recent Literature and a Defense of the Confessional Reformed View, by David VanDrunen.

Is Recreation Lawful on the Sabbath? An Examination of the Biblical Basis for the “No Recreation” Clause in WCF 21.8 and WLC 117? by Lane Keister.

John Calvin on the Doctrine of Divine Revelation, by W. Gary Crampton.

Samuel Rutherford’s Contribution to Covenant Theology in Scotland, by D. Patrick Ramsey.

Francis Turretin and Barthianism: The Covenant of Works in Historical Perspective, by James J. Cassidy.

James Durham on the Song of Solomon, by Donald John Maclean.

Johannes Megapolensis: Pioneer Reformed Missionary to the Mohawks, by Wes Bredenhof.

An Answer to the Challenge of Preaching the Old Testament: An Historical and Theological Examination of the Redemptive-Historical Approach, by Anthony T. Selvaggio.

The Deacon: A Divine Right Office with Divine Uses, by C. N. Willborn.

Calvin on the Inner Testimony, by Gary Milne

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