New Reformation2Germany Newsletter Out

Sebastian and RC

There's a German edition of RC's book on the atonement now available!

It was a joy to meet Sebastian Heck in Geneva and to hear firsthand a bit about how the work is going. They have a small core group, a church order, and offices in which to work but they’re searching for a suitable meeting place. You can keep up with the work and progress of R2G on their blog (in English) and you can subscribe to their newsletter by sending an empty email here. Pray for R2G and consider supporting this work. They’re putting together an informational video so be watching for that. We’re looking forward to seeing the peripatetic Sebastian on the West Coast sometime this academic year.

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  1. Dr Clark & Sebastian,

    Please excuse my ignorance but I always assumed that there was a Reformed presence in Germany. Or is there but they happen to be braod and R2G is more Reformed?


    • Edgar,

      Never assume. Most of the orthodox Reformed presence in Germany has been gone for a long time. The German Reformed Church was so weak by the early 18th century that the German Reformed immigrants to the New World had to find ecclesiastical supervision in Amsterdam rather than in Germany.

    • Edgar,

      And to top it off, there is not much of a “real” Lutheran presence in the country either. Confessional Lutheran churches are limited to the Selbständige Evangelisch-Lutherische Kirche (SELK), and they are few and far between.

  2. Dr. Clark & Richard,

    Thank you for removing my ignorance of the ecclesiastical status in Germany. May the Lord raise up a faithful Reformed Church keeping to Biblical purity in that nation once again.

    Kind regards,


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