Heidelcast 30: Taking the Reformation Back To Germany

The Reformation is closely identified with what we think of as Germany. The Lutheran Reformation certain originated there and the Reformed Reformation had strong roots there too. Heidelberg was one of the great centers of Reformation theology in the late 16th century. Over time, however, that changed and the light of confessional Reformed theology, piety, and practice nearly disappeared from Germany and from Heidelberg in particular. Sebastian Heck and others have been working to change that for the last several years. Sebastian is the church planting pastor of the Heidelberg congregation of SERK, a free (i.e., not state-funded) confessional Reformed Church in Germany. In the spring of 2010 Sebastian and his colleague Will Traub were in town and we sat down to talk about the challenges of bringing the gospel and Reformed practice back to Germany. I know Sebastian and his colleagues covet your prayers. Here is the episode:

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