From our annual trip home.

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  1. Awesome!! — my kids and I used to play the Oregon Trail games, and Chimney Rock was always one of the milestones. But I’ve never seen a real photo of it!

  2. Carhenge reminds of the old zinger that says, “The best thing to ever come out of Nebraska is the I-80.”

    Not sure why.

  3. Thanks for posting these photos! I can’t say why, but Nebraska enamors me. My brother did post-grad work at UNL in the mid-80s and I drove twice to Lincoln from my “single life” home in the Twin Cities to see the Huskers play football. I’d love to explore the western regions of the state.

    It must be quite a drive from San Diego! My brother was out there for 15 years (Carlsbad) following his time in Lincoln. His current work has taken him back there a couple of times recently.

    p.s. – Both of my brothers loved the video you posted of the little boy running for a TD in the spring game. Big Ten Network had a show that described the friendship Rex Burkhead developed with him. Though we’re Michigan natives we’ve all been Huskers fans going back to Johnny Rodgers!

  4. I was in Omaha last week. After the awful humidity in that place, I can easily withstand the dry heat of Colorado.

  5. We drove through Nebraska on 80 when we made our trek to Wheaton two years ago (we came home via Canada, though, so we didn’t see it on our return). It was probably the best part of the whole trip, though it only took us a day. I said it reminded me of Yolo county (where I grew up, here in northern California) but blown up to the size of a state and with more corn.

  6. I just overdosed on rural Americana. You should visit me and the other sophisticates here in south Mississippi.

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