The MR Review of the The Shack

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  1. Thanks to MR for making the full review available.

    I had heard a lot about how great this book is, if it’s maybe a little fuzzy. After reading this article, however, I’m convinced that I should read the book so as to be more able to answer it. It sounds just awful. It sounds like it’s deliberately trying to undercut what we think about God if what we think is derived from Scripture.

    Is the author a Pentecostal?

  2. No, he’s not. If you take anything as worthwhile from wikipedia, the article states that he is no longer a member of any church.

    You can find numerous reviews of the book. One review that is linked at the bottom of the wikipedia article states just how great this book is for the church. So now the church is being guided by what appears to be an outsider. Swell.

    From what I have been able to learn about it, for this book to bring any comfort to anyone who has had a child killed is doubtful at best.

    Sunny’s review is as charitable as possible.

    Go to and read a handful of the 2000 reviews of it there. It’s quite eye-opening.

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