The Difference Between Capital Punishment And Abortion (2)

Capital punishment, the taking of a legally guilty human life by duly authorized civil authorities, is the natural, divinely instituted consequence of certain grave crimes against God and man. There are some crimes that are so great, the consequences so otherwise irreparable, . . . Continue reading →

The Difference Between Capital Punishment And Abortion (1)

Since Roe v. Wade (and Doe v Bolton) in 1973 those who believe that the constitutional protections to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” extend to humans in utero (in the womb) have been called “pro-life.” Since 1973 it has been . . . Continue reading →

Why Christians Need A Christian Doctrine Of Humanity

One neglected aspect of the story of Modernity has been the loss of a Christian anthropology. Along with its exile of God, Modernity has also been busily re-defining humanity with unhappy consequences. Through two world wars, abortion, genocides, “eugenics,” Communist purges, etc. . . . Continue reading →

More Evidence That Roe Should Be Overturned

The Roe decision by Justice Blackmun, as well as the dissents by then‐Justice Rehnquist and Justice White, with which Justice Scalia agreed, “are constitutionally unsound.” All permit “violation of the fetus’s constitutionally protected right to life without due process of law.” Returning . . . Continue reading →

The Zeitgeist

The Zeitgeist. No pretense. Straight up will to power. Himmler laughs. (HT: Anthony Abides)

Pagan Assyrians Regarded Abortion As Murder

The Middle Assyrian Laws, which date as far back as the early 11th century bc, specifically addressed abortion. In these laws—a collection of legal codes including decrees of the Assyrian kings and Amorite legal customs (Tetlow, Women, Crime, and Punishment, 126)—abortion was . . . Continue reading →

A Index In The Culture Of Death

Much of the Congressional support for the 1993 NIH revitalization act was premised on the idea that the ban on buying or selling fetal tissue would be a safeguard against the development for a market for human fetuses. Tragically, the executive branch . . . Continue reading →