In Case You Doubt The Pauline-Augustinian Doctrine Of Human Corruption

It Is Possible To Sear Ones Conscience

I feel that abortion involves taking a human life… Having decided that taking a life by abortion is sometimes the lesser evil,

I do not feel able to judge between one woman’s need and another–this would be completely unacceptable ethically.

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Anonymous Abortionist | “Yes, We End Lives Here…And That’s Ok” | December 6, 2021


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  1. Reading this I feel an urge to vomit at the cavalier discussion of pure evil. With a 4 month old at home this debate is as fresh as it has ever been in my mind.

  2. Dr. Sproul taught well on the doctrine of (in his words) “radical corruption. Has anyone had the thought that these people performing the abortions have a sense of vigilantism? Kill the thing that would cause the woman harm? Murder the thing that is afflicting harm on a seemingly innocent individual?
    Yes, their consciences are certainly seared, and the doctrine of reprobation is certainly in play, but they are still breathing and that means that there is still hope of redemption in Christ.

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