Religious Freedom Watch: Federal Courts Continue Turning Back Federal Mandate Regime

A federal judge Tuesday blocked a national COVID-19 vaccine mandate that would have required private government contractors to get their shots, dealing yet another blow to the Biden administration’s jab push.

The mandate, set to take hold Jan. 4, was the latest White House coronavirus directive to face a temporary court injunction.

The court ruling and previous similar related decisions indicate that it is increasingly likely the debate over vaccine mandates could wind up in the US Supreme Court.

Judge R. Stan Baker wrote in the ruling that allowing the Biden order would “force Plaintiffs to comply with the mandate, requiring them to make decisions which would significantly alter their ability to perform federal contract which is critical to their operations,” NBC News reported.

Tuesday’s injunction follows two similar temporary decisions last week that blocked vaccine mandates for many private-sector health-care workers. Read more»

Mark Lungariello | “Federal judge slaps down another Biden administration vaccine mandate” | December 7, 2021


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