Resources On Religious Liberty

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances (First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States).

  1. SCOTUS: 1st Amendment Protects Americans From Gov’t Reprisal For Engaging In Personal Religious Observance
  2. Religious Freedom Watch: Alito’s Dissenting Opinion On Free Exercise Of Religion
  3. Consider The Implications Had Kennedy Lost
  4. Supreme Court 9–0: Boston May Not Discriminate Against Christian Group
  5. Has The United States Army Declared Your Congregation An “Extremist Organization”?
  6. Religious Liberty And Free Speech Suffers Another Defeat As LGBTQ Lobby Continues To Demand Affirmation Of Gay Marriage
  7. First Amendment Liberties Wounded: Baronelle Stutzman Forced Out Of Business
  8. SCOTUS Applies Brooklyn Diocese v. Cuomo: Strikes Down Limit On Number Of Worshipers In Church
  9. Justices Alito, Thomas, Gorsuch, And Kavanaugh On The Erosion Of Religious Liberty Under The Covid Regime
  10. A Significant Potential Threat To American Religious Liberty
  11. SCOTUS: Exactly The Kind Of Discrimination Forbidden By The First Amendment
  12. Federal District Court Strikes Down KY Pandemic Restrictions On Private Religious Schools
  13. Biden Administration To Restore “Dear Colleague Letter” Versus Christian Schools And Colleges?
  14. This Remarkable Address By Justice Alito Is True And Well Worth 30 Minutes Of Your Time
  15. Get A Lawyer (UDATED)
  16. The Strange Persistence Of Theocracy In America
  17. Christian School In Oregon Sues Governor Over Unequal Treatment
  18. The Equality Act Is Back In Play: What It Means For Religious Liberty
  19. Federal Court Upholds The Right Of Religious Schools To Adhere To Their Stated Convictions Regarding Sex
  20. Federal Court Upholds The Right Of Religious Schools To Adhere To Their Stated Convictions Regarding Sex
  21. Follow The Money: Opponents Of Religious Liberty Spending Large Sums
  22. Eastman: “Masterpiece” Is A Big Win For Religious Liberty
  23. The Muslim Brotherhood In America (Ikhwan): A Present Threat To Religious Liberty
  24. Justice Thomas: Obergefell v Hodges Threatens Religious Liberty
  25. One Reason Why Religious Liberty Is In Jeopardy
  26. Wealthy Foundations Seek To Suppress Religious Liberty
  27. Social Justice Includes Religious Liberty
  28. Truth About Religious Liberty And Obamacare
  29. Ben Is Speaking Up About Religious Liberty
  30. Religious Liberty And An Indefinite Article
  31. Kirk Pulls Publicity Stunt. Social Media Falls For It: No Religious Liberties Were Harmed During The Filming Of This Commercial
  32. Private Property, Public Accommodation, And Religious Freedom
  33. A California Court Defends Free Speech And Religious Freedom
  34. Religious Freedom Watch: Prescribing The Good Life
  35. Liberal Education, Religious Freedom, And Weak Arguments (Updated Again)
  36. Private Property, Public Accommodation, And Religious Freedom
  37. Religious Freedom Watch: Chilling Protected Religious Speech In The Military
  38. Religious Freedom Watch: What the IRS Wants to Know About Your Religion (Updated)
  39. Religious Freedom Watch: Pentagon May Prosecute Witnessing (Updated)
  40. Religious Freedom Watch: Feds to Force Schools to Monitor Facebook?
  41. Religious Freedom in Public School Classrooms
  42. Religious Freedom Watch: Deny the Faith or Get Out?
  43. Religious Freedom Watch: Rancho Cucamonga, CA Demands CUP (Updated)
  44. The Coming Attack On Homeschooling And Educational Freedom?
  45. Freedom To Act According To Conscience In America
  46. Religious Freedom Watch: Federal District Court Upholds Religious Liberty For Physicians Against Obamacare Rule
  47. Federal District Court Rules Against Michigan State University And In Favor Of Religious Liberty And Free Speech
  48. British Christians Object To Vaccine Passports
  49. SCOTUS Rebukes Ninth Circuit For The Fifth Time, Sides With Religious Freedom Versus California
  50. “It is difficult To Imagine A Ruling More Hostile To Free Speech”
  51. What If Students Were Praying In Jesus’ Name?

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