Get A Lawyer (UDATED)

If your congregation does not have a lawyer, it should.
It would be ideal if your lawyer specializes in civil liberties and especially religious liberty law. If you do not know how to find a lawyer, the American Bar Association will help you. There are local chapters which can also help. You might contact the Alliance Defending Freedom, Becket, or the ACLJ. Smaller congregations might want to consider forming a co-op, in consultation with a lawyer, to share expenses. Other resources: Gammon and Grange, Provident Law, First Liberty, or the Christian Legal Society.

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  1. Hi R. Scott–I think I know why you’re saying this, i.e., First Amendment rights under assault–is that the basis for the post? or something else? Thanks.

  2. (Replying because the email address was autocorrected incorrectly ironically.)

    Out of curiosity, has your church or any other Reformed churches you know of taken these steps as of yet? Our church is connected to Our state’s (Maine) branch of the Christian Civic League who has guided directions during Covid. That said, I’m not sure they’ve done much as it hasn’t seemed like they’ve done anything to push back where push back could be done.

    • Drew,

      I don’t know what my congregation has done. I intend to encourage them to move in this direction, if they haven’t yet.

      I’m thinking less about “push back” and more about being prepared for the coming legal battles, e.g., Equality Act and/or its state equivalents. I suspect congregations will be looking at litigation sooner rather than later.

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