Heidelcast 163: Taking Calls On Choosing A College, Warfield’s Eschatology, Jesus’ Return, When the Roman Catholic Church Began, Sacraments, Rubicon Moments, Evening Services, And Church Discipline

It is a little overdue but it is finally here: our latest call-in episode in which we take Heidelcalls from Arizona on choosing a college, on B. B. Warfield’s eschatology (was he really postmillennial?), from Chicago on what must happen before Jesus returns, from Jules in Kansas City on when the Roman communion began, on the difference between a means of grace and a sacrament, on whether the USA is at a Rubicon moment, from Chris in Virginia about evening services in traditions other than the Presbyterian and Reformed (and in which I go on a bit of rant—with some help from R. C. Sproul—about the Sabbath and the lost second service in the P&R world). We always get good and interesting questions from Heidelcast listeners. Congratulations to Aiden in Arizona for his outstanding question about how to choose a college. For his efforts, the Heidelcast will be sending out a copy of Carl Trueman’s latest, The Triumph of the Modern Self to Aiden. Keep listening.

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Show Notes

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  1. Regarding the Q&A about church discipline, do you think that a time may be approaching when the church will not be allowed to carry out disciplinary action for certain members who are in clear violation of core Christian beliefs and confessions, but ones that the state and the courts have deemed legal and acceptable behavior? There are certain legislative proposals, ones about which you have posted articles, that seem to be inching us closer to such restrictions on the church.

    Worse yet, certain megachurch pastors have been fired, denied access to intellectual property (that they published), or have had salaries or investments suspended on the grounds that they have grossly abused the authority of their offices. In at least one case of which I am aware the accused has dragged his complaint against said congregation and its officers into civil court where his lawsuit was granted valid and restitution was required. Seems like this opens the door even further in how much and on what grounds a congregation may pursue discipline.

    • George,

      The church has to exercise the marks of the church. They may need to become more intelligent regarding the law. Congregations probably should put a lawyer on retainer and they should be prepared to defend themselves in civil court but they must exercise the keys of the kingdom, including church discipline. It’s not optional, even if it leads to persecution.

  2. This was a wonderful session. I am working on finally heading to college, and I have a kid half my age who is ready for college in just a year. The search is on, and your recommendations for searching are very important.

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