Kenosis is Not a Place in Wisconsin

That’s Kenosha. Recently there has been renewed discussion of a “modified” approach to the “Kenosis” theory that says, as I understand it, that, in the incarnation, Christ emptied himself of his divinity. I’ve been really pressed for the last several month researching . . . Continue reading →

Riddlebarger Reviews Zaspel on Warfield

According to Hugh T. Kerr, Benjamin B. Warfield Professor of Theology at Princeton Theological Seminary after Warfield’s death: Of [Warfield’s] printed and published work, there are ten large, and I mean large, volumes of posthumously selected and edited articles known as the . . . Continue reading →

Heidelcast 163: Taking Calls On Choosing A College, Warfield’s Eschatology, Jesus’ Return, When the Roman Catholic Church Began, Sacraments, Rubicon Moments, Evening Services, And Church Discipline


It is a little overdue but it is finally here: our latest call-in episode in which we take Heidelcalls from Arizona on choosing a college, on B. B. Warfield’s eschatology (was he really postmillennial?), from Chicago on what must happen before Jesus . . . Continue reading →

Riddlebarger: In Honor Of Warfield’s Centenary

B. B. Warfield died of an apparent heart attack on February 16, 1921. I thought it might a fitting tribute to talk about Warfield bibliography. One hundred years after his death, Warfield’s collected works are still readily available: The ten-volume “Oxford” set . . . Continue reading →

Warfield vs The Critics

Now, it may well be asked, is that true criticism which starts with the presupposition that the supernatural is impossible, proceeds by a sustained effort to do violence to the facts, and ends by erecting a gigantic historical chimera—overturning all established history—on . . . Continue reading →