Riddlebarger: In Honor Of Warfield’s Centenary

B. B. Warfield died of an apparent heart attack on February 16, 1921. I thought it might a fitting tribute to talk about Warfield bibliography.

One hundred years after his death, Warfield’s collected works are still readily available: The ten-volume “Oxford” set reprinted by Baker Books, or the five-volume set from P & R (several volumes are still in print, but e-book editions of the others are easy to find), and the two volume set Warfield’s Selected Shorter Writings, published by P & R in 2001, includes many important essays.

A huge (and free) collection of Warfield’s books, essays, and articles about Warfield can be found at Monergism.com. Monergism’s Warfield Resources

Below, you will find some recommendations.


It is my humble opinion that every Reformed Christian should read Warfield’s The Inspiration and Authority of the Bible. There is nothing like it.  It has generated no end of controversy (Warfield develops and defends the doctrine of inerrancy). This book is too important not to read. The Inspiration and Authority of the Bible.

I would also suggest Warfield’s Plan of Salvation (The Plan of Salvation). There is also a Kindle version available.

Every seminarian should read Warfield’s short essay: On the Religious Life of Theological Students Read more»

Kim Riddlebarger, “Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield (November 5, 1851 – February 16, 1921) — The Centennial of B. B. Warfield’s Death” Riddleblog (Feb 19, 2021)


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