Forthcoming: Lion Of Princeton. Riddlebarger On Warfield

Lion of Princeton coverCongratulations to my friend and colleague Kim Riddlebarger on the forthcoming publication of his excellent work on B. B. Warfield. I read this as a PhD diss. written under Richard Muller. It’s one of the best things I’ve read on Warfield. Anyone who has any interest in old Princeton, in Warfield, in 19th and 20th century Reformed theology, or in understanding the NAPARC world today should read this book. Kim is an excellent pastor-scholar and one of my favorite authors. The book is being published in two formats (electronic and print) by Lexham Press/Logos. I’m using Logos 6 right now and finding it a very powerful way to access and read texts. More on that later. You can read this and other Lexham Press/Logos titles without the Logos package however. It’s scheduled to be released in January, 2015.

Here’s the overview:

There’s little doubt about the impact B.B. Warfield has had on American Christianity. Some hail him for his apologetic and polemical skills, praising him as a defender of Reformed orthodoxy. Others view him with less regard—as too focused on the role of reason in faith and too devoted to the inerrancy of Scripture. But all agree that he is a man with whom one must reckon.

Despite the resurging interest in his life and work, Warfield’s views are often misunderstood. In The Lion of Princeton, Kim Riddlebarger investigates Warfield’s theological, apologetical, and polemical writings, bringing clarity to the confusion that surrounds this key figure of the Princeton tradition.

Riddlebarger provides a biographical overview of Warfield’s life and traces the growing appreciation for Warfield’s thought by contemporary Reformed thinkers. Furthermore, he evaluates the fundamental structures in Warfield’s overall theology and examines Warfield’s work in the field of systematic theology.

Warfield’s theological heirs revere his memory, while his critics continue to find his work misguided and his legacy troubling. “The Lion of Princeton,” as he was known, was certainly up for the challenge. We must therefore take a fresh look at the work of this great scholar, who was in many ways the most significant American apologist, polemicist, and theologian of his age.

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  1. Lexham Press/Logos is also set to issue the first two volumes (of five) of Geerhardus Vos’s “Reformed Dogmatics” (written in 1896, when Vos was just 34 and published privately in Dutch) in hardback, possibly this month.

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