Advice To Young Preachers

Time was that church historians also taught church polity and what is sometimes called pastoral theology. This was, I suppose, because we used to recognize that the study of the history of the practice of the church gives a certain insight into how ministry should be conducted.

I mention this to apologize (i.e., defend) for the propriety of the historian-pastor (or pastor-historian) to give advice to young preachers. By “young” I mean seminary students or those just out of seminary. This is a talk I’ve given informally to many students individually and it seems like a good idea to write it down—before I forget it. Read more»

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  1. The original post is just as timely, but the words above definitely captured my seminary experience! I still have many pastoral habits that I learned not just in PT courses, but HT and CH courses as well! (e.g., pastor must have a poker face, Beza and Wollebius on dealing with Consistories, etc.) Thank you!

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