Office Hours: Preaching The Whole Counsel Of God

Office HoursIf you are a regular listener to Office Hours then you are probably a regular listener to sermons. If not, perhaps we should talk about that. You might be a preacher of sermons. Either way, at least 52 times a year, for as much as 4 days out of each year, either as hearer or preacher, you are involved with sermons. Yet, despite the time we all spend together preaching and listening to sermons, we Christians do not always come to sermons with the same expectations. We do not all understand or agree about what is happening. What is a sermon? Does the minister sit around thinking of clever things to say during the week? Is the sermon instruction in how-to, is it the minister’s opinion, like a one-sided Sunday talk show, a dramatic presentation, or is it a technical lecture, a Bible study, or just what is going on?

Julius Kim teaches preaching at Westminster Seminary California and he has published a a new book, Preaching the Whole Counsel of God: Design and Deliver Gospel-Centered Sermons.

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