Office Hours: Kim Riddlebarger—Bringing Reformation To Southern California for 25 Years

Office Hours 2016Kim Riddlebarger is an outstanding figure in the contemporary Reformed world for a few reasons. You might know him as the co-host of the White Horse Inn for 25 years and contributor to Modern Reformation magazine or you might also know him for writing two excellent books on Christian eschatology, or for his fine work on B. B. Warfield (see below) but for decades he has been a full-time pastor. While he has done these other things, his full-time vocation has been to enter a pulpit twice every week to announce the gospel, administer the sacraments, and to work with the elders in using church discipline. He has attended consistory meetings, counseling sessions, and taught bible studies—all the things that shepherds do with and for their flocks. Now, after more than 25 years Kim is retiring from full-time pastoral ministry at Christ Reformed Church in Anaheim, California. He is a fourth-generation Californian and a graduate of Westminster Seminary California, where he has served on the board and as a visiting professor—and where he will continue to serve as a visiting professor. He did his PhD under Richard Muller on B. B. Warfield.

Here is the episode.

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  1. Dr. Riddlebarger’s case got amillenialism was one of the texts that finally gave me a name to what I had understood from scripture almost 20 years before, but being raised Southern Baptist and attending a baptist seminary I never knew it was a systematic thought. Of course I can also blame him for never graduating from there once it was explained that in order to graduate you had to sign off on the schools SoF. It is what also convinced me I was not Baptist, but rather Presby.

  2. Looking forward to this. Enjoyed Dr. Riddlebarger on the great WHI for those many years. He’s a great speaker too; has a good voice. His website is interesting and it has many resources. Read his Case for Amil twice and have recommended it. And the BB Warfield book was enjoyable too. A hero in the faith.

  3. I’ve never been to his church, but I have learned so much from him over the years that I almost feel like I know him. Thank you Pastor Riddlebarger for challenging and blessing me as I grow in the Lord.

    • This is also true for me.

      Without meeting him in person, the compassion and dedication to Covenantal Theology, Piety and Practice in Pastor Riddlebarger’s sermons, Dr Riddlebarger’s knowledge, and Teacher Riddlebarger’s Bible Studies (especially of Romans) help me understand whose I am and how I am to love others.

      We are blessed our Father’s Will and Plan prevailed in Kim Riddlebarger’s and Michael Horton lives.

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