Warfield’s Fist-Fight

Princeton College alumni who remembered Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield’s student days at Princeton recall that on November 6, 1870, the young Warfield and a certain James Steen, “distinguished themselves by indulging in a little Sunday fight in front of the chapel after Dr. . . . Continue reading →

Warfield vs The Critics

Now, it may well be asked, is that true criticism which starts with the presupposition that the supernatural is impossible, proceeds by a sustained effort to do violence to the facts, and ends by erecting a gigantic historical chimera—overturning all established history—on . . . Continue reading →

Warfield on Justification

by  B. B. Warfield Professor of Didactic and Polemic Theology Princeton Theological Seminary, 1887-1921 [NB: This essay was originally published in The Christian Irishman, Dublin, (May 1911), 71. It was reprinted in John E. Meeter, ed., Selected Shorter Writings of Benjamin B. . . . Continue reading →