Office Hours With Craig Troxel On With All Your Heart

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The word “heart” is a truly important word in the English language. In the introduction to his new book, With All Your Heart: Orienting Your Mind, Desires, and Will Toward Christ, Westminster Seminary California’s Craig Troxel observes that one can have a . . . Continue reading →

Criticizing Edwards On Religious Affections Does Not Lead To Dead Orthodoxy: There Is Another Way

In the wake of my latest essay, which cautions readers regarding Jonathan Edwards, has come questions about the role of affections and emotion in the Christian life. These questions signal how deep the Pietist tradition (see the resources below) runs in American . . . Continue reading →

Piper’s New Book Is Edwardsian

The major—and expected—exception is Jonathan Edwards, whose view of faith no doubt stands behind Piper’s approach to this issue. Edwards believed that love is at the heart of faith: “That even faith, or a steadfastly believing the truth, arises from a principle . . . Continue reading →