Warfield On Faith Contra The Edwardsian Definition

Kim Riddlebarger, who did his doctoral research on Warfield, has a nice set of quotations from him on the nature, character, and definition of faith in the act of justification.

The Edwardsian tendency has always been to add to the Reformation definition of faith, in the act of justification, a fourth aspect: affections. To this Warfield wrote, “It is, accordingly, solely from its object that faith derives its value.” Read more»


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    B. B. Warfield (1851–1921) was a scholar of the New Testament, textual criticism, historical theology, and systematic theology. He studied at what would become Princeton University and abroad, taught at Western Theological Seminary for nine years, and then at Princeton Theological Seminary. He was one of the most important exponents of Reformed theology in American history.

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