New Way To Call The Heidelphone: Voice Memo On Your Phone

Baptism, Election & the Covenant of GraceThe Heidelcast has listeners from across the globe as well as across North America for listeners outside the USA and for the convenience of listeners within the USA, we have instituted a new way for you to leave voicemail for the Heidelphone. You can always call (760) 618-1563 to leave a message but now you can email the Heidelcast directly with your voice memo from your phone. The email address is heidelcast at heidelblog dot net. Record your question as a voice memo and send it to the Heidelcast. The call-in show is next week. We have some terrific questions but I would like to hear from you. Every caller who appears on the episode will receive a free copy of Baptism, Election, and the Covenant of Grace. This pamphlet addresses the questions raised by the self-described Federal Vision theology and other, related, movements by discussing the relations between God’s covenant promises, baptism, and the problem of apostasy.

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