Religious Freedom Watch: Prescribing The Good Life

Just changing terminology from “medical care” (curing illness) to “healthcare” (maintaining physical and emotional health) and then making government responsible to ensure the latter puts the state in a position to define the good life, i.e., the correct values people should have. The Administration has endeavored to do this through the HHS contraceptive/abotifacient mandate to religious employers (based on the opinion of abortion advocates in the medical community that abortion inducing drugs are necessary for “health,” and employees are harmed if their employers don’t pay for items the employees or even the state could easily pay for). Together with the LGBT lobby, the Administration hopes to pass the Employment Nondiscrimination Act (ENDA), which, without the religious exemption opposed by the ACLU, would make it legally impossible for religious institutions to require Christian morality of their staff….

—Rick Plasterer, “The ACLU Bids To Make A Beginning Of The End Of Religious Health Care

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