British Christians Object To Vaccine Passports

Dear Prime Minister,

As Christian leaders across a range of denominations, we continue to pray at this time for your government “and all in high positions, so that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and dignity” (1 Timothy 2:2).

However, we write to you concerning an area of the most serious concern, namely the potential introduction into our society of so-called “vaccine passports” which have also been referred to as “COVID-status certificates” and “freedom passes”. We are wholly opposed to this suggestion and wish to make three points about the potential consideration of any scheme of this type. Read more»

Rev Dr Jamie Franklin, Curate, St George in the Meadows, Nottingham, England; Rev David Johnston, Minister Emeritus, Presbyterian Church in Ireland, Ireland et al., “Open Letter from Christian Leaders to the Prime Minister Concerning Vaccine Passport Proposals”


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  1. I’ve looked at the list of signatories to this open letter, and amongst them are Christians whom I respect and value highly, of these are some I consider personal friends. However, this is what I wrote recently to my (UK Labour) MP:
    “Dear -,
    Just seen in my “BBC News Daily” email: “Mark Harper, who chairs the Covid Recovery Group of Conservative lockdown sceptics, argues: “Covid status certification will lead to a two-tier Britain.” – We already have a two tier Britain, with only some 60% of Britons being allowed to drive solo, and the rest forbidden. Why isn’t Mark Harper bellyaching about that? Could he be recognising that it is better for only 60% of the population to be allowed to drive than for nobody to be allowed to drive? Why isn’t this also true of vaccinated versus unvaccinated people? Is it simply because one is called a “passport”, and the other a “licence”? You should be able to get Parliament to deal with that one!
    OK, there are some people who have medical reasons for not being vaccinated, or would remain obviously vulnerable even when vaccinated – Maybe exceptions should be made for them (e.g., giving them a passport/licence anyway) , but otherwise …
    Religious reasons: Do we stop everyone driving because of the odd Amish person in our population?
    Psychological reasons: Do we stop everyone driving because of some people who cannot cope with exam nerves, but would be as safe driving on the roads as any currently qualified driver?
    Kind regards …”.
    On another friend’s Facebook page I wrote that whilst there was no a priori reason to anticipate that a vaccine aimed at raising IgG antibodies would protect the airways, where the active antibodies are predominantly IgA, preliminary results suggest that spreading of infection by vaccinated people is markedly reduced, if not eliminated altogether. So whilst it may be premature to suppose that a “Vaccinated” licensing system would limit spread, it may well turn out to be the case.
    Of course, SOME vaccinated persons may spread the disease. But then, some people who have passed the driving test and have a Drivers’ Licence, have been known still to cause an accident.

    • One further point: In such a two-tier system, the unvaccinated must have at least the same permissions that they would have if there had been no vaccine, otherwise it WOULD be coercion. For instance, between the two lockdowns we were allowed to meet in church wearing masks and observing social distancing; that permission would have to be retained for the unvaccinated, unless the level of infection reaches the point where we have to have a third lockdown, when, perhaps, the continuing effectiveness of the vaccine would come into question.

    • Lauren,

      The Covid crisis has seen a rapid expansion of government control of our lives under “emergency powers.” I think we ought be pay attention to those Christians in the UK who are already facing this issue.

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