Fear And Power In Covidville

In the Watergate scandal two city-beat reporters for the Washington Post turned journalists into saviors. They saved us all from the evil Nixon. Covid-19 is a Watergate for  hitherto obscure public health authorities. Mostly benched after WWII by vaccines and the wonders of modern medicine, the public health authorities have been like the Maytag Repairman, playing solitaire on their phones, until Covid.

At the same time, now that internet has turned every news outlet into a fear-monger—clicks = revenue—the fear generated by the media-bureaucratic complex gives them a renewed sense of Messianic purpose and grants them power over our minute-by-minute choices—a power they have always coveted because they really believe that they know what is best for each and all of us.

They have jumped into and out of their respective phone booths, transforming themselves from mild-mannered reporters and bureaucrats, and leapt into action to save us all from the Covid menace by micro-managing our lives.

© R. Scott Clark 2020. All Rights Reserved.


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