Resources On Covid And Religious Liberty

The Covid crisis has been one of the greater challenges faced by the church in the West in recent years. In the USA and elsewhere it has divided congregations and probed weaknesses in our theology, piety, and practice. It has raised questions of religious liberty, wisdom, and tested our patience. In some congregations, where one stands on masks and Covid regulations has become a test of orthodoxy. Below is a collection of essays and interviews written and produced since the pandemic regulations were first put into place in the Spring of 2020. They touch on the question of who is authorized to administer communion, the nature of and limits of civil disobedience, religious liberty, submission to authorities, interpreting providence and more.

  1. Your Only Comfort In Life And In Death
  2. Heidelcast 143: How Churches Are Responding To The Present Crisis
  3. What God Is Telling Us Through The Corona Virus
  4. A Guide For Your Devotions On The Christian Sabbath (During Covid)
  5. Heidelcast 144: Calls On Confessions, Covid-19, Chick-Fil-A, Christ and Culture, And More
  6. Video: Bob Godfrey Puts The Corona Virus Into Historical Perspective
  7. An Outline Of A Moral Objection To Vaccine Mandates
  8. Advocates Of Religious Liberty Should Care About Federal Vaccine Mandates
  9. Resources On Religious Liberty
  10. Fear And Power In Covidville
  11. Incremental Steps Toward Punishing Politically Incorrect Speech?
  12. A Useful Distinction Regarding Church And State In Our Covid-19 Controversy
  13. Church Services, Covid-19, Civil Liberties, And The Culture War
  14. Of QAnon, Calvin, And the LA Times
  15. Justices Alito, Thomas, Gorsuch, And Kavanaugh On The Erosion Of Religious Liberty Under The Covid Regime
  16. Heidelcast 151: Christ, Culture, And Covid-19
  17. Heidelcast 193: Taking Calls On Christian Platonism And Covid-19 Restrictions
  18. Covid Accelerated The Homeschooling Revolution
  19. Heidelcast 159: As It Was In The Days Of Noah (6): To Elect Exiles, Sojourners, And Aliens
  20. NYT Blames Churches For Spreading Coronavirus, Ignores Protests And Riots
  21. Coronavirus, Civil Liberties, And Crisis
  22. Video: Bob Godfrey Puts The Corona Virus Into Historical Perspective
  23. Living Through A Time Of Great Loss
  24. The Church And The Virus: Is This An Acts 5:29 Moment?
  25. British Christians Object To Vaccine Passports
  26. Lessons from the Synod of Loudun: Government Overreach in the Twilight of Toleration
  27. Tribalism And Irony
  28. Of Masks And The Weaker Brothers
  29. A Little Wisdom Might Help Us Love Our Neighbor
  30. Paul, Philippi, And Mask Mandates
  31. Reconsidering The Offering As An Element Of Worship After Covid
  32. Between Conscience And Defiance: Questions For Grace Community Church
  33. Christian School In Oregon Sues Governor Over Unequal Treatment
  34. Judge Pulskamp: If People Can Gather In Costco, They Can Gather In Church
  35. SCOTUS Applies Brooklyn Diocese v. Cuomo: Strikes Down Limit On Number Of Worshipers In Church
  36. NYT Blames Churches For Spreading Coronavirus, Ignores Protests And Riots
  37. Religious Freedom Watch: Kansas City Church Wins Settlement Over Religious Discrimination
  38. Entre la conciencia y el desafío a las autoridad
  39. Resources On The Twofold Kingdom
  40. Resources On Religious Liberty
  41. 11 Thousand Scientists And Medical Practioners: End The Lockdown
  42. With Presbycast on virtual communion
  43. Virtual Communion Is Not Communion
  44. PCA General Assembly Rulings On Virtual Communion
  45. Should You Give Yourself Communion At Home?
  46. Kirk Pulls Publicity Stunt. Social Media Falls For It: No Religious Liberties Were Harmed During The Filming Of This Commercial
  47. Dear Kirkers, Romans 13, 1 Peter 2, and 1 Peter 4 Are Still God’s Word
  48. An Avoidable Stunt (Updated)
  49. Federal District Court Judge Suggests That Military Personnel Denied Religious Exemption From The Covid Vaccine May Have A Case Under RFRA
  50. Religious Freedom Watch: Another Federal District Issues Stay In Favor Of SEALs V. Biden
  51. What “Science!” Cannot Do
  52. Does The Analogy Hold Or How Does Science Work?
  53. A New Religion With A New Sacrament?
  54. Is This The Language Of Science Or Religion?
  55. Religious Liberty Watch: The Fifth Grants Stay Of OSHA Vaccine Mandate
  56. Here’s Who Stopped Going To Church During The Pandemic | Jan 20, 2022
  57. Did Paul Lie To The Corinthians? | Feb 2022
  58. An Emerging Pastoral Problem? Teens And Masks


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