Heidelcast 143: How Churches Are Responding To The Present Crisis

In the spirit of the hour, I am again postponing the series on the doctrine of God, I Am that I Am, to talk about how churches are responding to the crisis before us. Things are changing so quickly that, after we finished recording this episode but before I could finish editing it, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) just issued new guidelines limiting gatherings to 50 people until May 10, 2020. Joining us today to talk about how churches may adapt faithfully to this quickly evolving situation is my dear friend Brad Isbell, better known as Chortles Weakly from the Presbycast. Brad is a ruling elder in the PCA. Also joining us for this episode is another dear friend, Chad Vegas, pastor of Sovereign Grace Bakersfield. His congregation normally meets in a public high school in Bakersfield but, because of the crisis, they are having to improvise, adapt, and overcome (to borrow a phrase from the Marines).

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