See You In Bakersfield January 23–24 2015 For According To Scripture Alone

Sovereign Grace Bakersfield

Central California is a beautiful place and that’s where I’ll be Friday evening January 23 and Saturday morning January 24, 2015. I’m giving three talks (and holding a Q &A session) on Sola Scriptura: “The Backbone of the Reformation,” “Its Unique Authority in Knowing . . . Continue reading →

Discovering the Reformed Confession (Part 1): Young, Restless, and “Calvinistic”

I first heard the terminology of the “five points of Calvinism” in the mid-1990s from a youth pastor at our evangelical megachurch. He was convinced that Calvinism is true and biblical. One evening, my wife and I went to dinner with him . . . Continue reading →

Discovering The Reformed Confession (Part 2): Young, Restless, And Dispensational

Toward the end of my tenure at an evangelical megachurch, I met a young Dutch Reformed college student named Jason (he now serves as a pastor with me). We would sit and discuss dispensationalism and covenant theology. I distinctly remember wanting to . . . Continue reading →

Discovering The Reformed Confession (Part 3): Young, Restless, And Acts 29

I did not know what my transition to covenantal and Calvinist theology meant for pastoral ministry, but I knew it meant something. I was looking for church planters similar to myself, who eschewed the programmatic and “seeker-sensitive” model of ministry. I found . . . Continue reading →

Discovering The Reformed Confession (Part 4): Young, Restless, And Big Eva

On my path to discovering the Reformed confession, there were multiple changes developing in my life. So, I want to take a moment to step back chronologically in my story. As I began the effort of church planting, I met with a . . . Continue reading →

Discovering The Reformed Confession (Part 5): Old, Rested, and Reformed

A question I have been asked many times over the past year is, “What was the moment the penny dropped for you regarding becoming confessionally Reformed?” Unfortunately, I am not sure I know the answer. Upon reflecting on my time in ministry . . . Continue reading →

Discovering The Reformed Confession (Part 6): Reformed, Searching, and Undecided

Sovereign Grace Church has not yet landed in a denominational home. We are studying, inquiring, and praying. In good Reformed fashion, we are attempting to move slowly and deliberately—doing everything decently and in order. This step has not been easy for us. . . . Continue reading →