Heidelcast 159: As It Was In The Days Of Noah (6): To Elect Exiles, Sojourners, And Aliens

Thus far we have been looking at eschatology generally. I have been making the case for an amillennial reading of Scripture. We have been using our Lord’s words, “As It Was In The Days of Noah” (Matt 24:37; Luke 17:26) as our theme because that theme unifies 1 and 2 Peter. This phrase is essential to understanding what the Apostle Peter is trying to teach us. Like Revelation chapters 1–3, the Apostle Peter is also explaining to the churches of Asia Minor, some of which he lists in his greeting to the churches, the nature of Christian existence between the ascension of Christ and his return. The Jesus whom we sinners crucified, has been raised, is ascended, and is reigning and ruling over all things as our chief Prophet, Priest, and King. He rules over all things generally, by his providence, and specially, savingly, in his grace, in his church. We should remember that these epistles were written to churches in Asia Minor, congregations with officers and members, not unlike our own. They were facing mostly informal pressure but they were likely aware of what was happening to Christians in Rome. Like the congregations to whom the Revelation was originally sent, these congregations also were trying to understand how it was that Jesus is King and yet we are still suffering. Peter will spend much of these two epistles answering this question and he teaches us how to live like Noah, waiting for the judgment flood. As we wait, we become identified with Jesus and as the world hated Jesus so too we may expect that they will hate us. As they struck out at Jesus, so they they will seek to strike out at us. As unpleasant as it may be, this identification with Christ and his suffering is a good thing.


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