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Dispensationalism describes a way of reading the Bible and a system of theology the nearest roots of which are in the 19th century. There have been premillennial (traditionally known as “chiliastic) movements, including some Reformed theologians, since the early church but most of them have been what is known as “historic premillennialists” since their system lacked the distinctive features of Dispensational premillennialism. It can be a surprise for Dispensationalists to discover that 1) that they are part of a tradition; 2) that their tradition is quite modern. Most Dispensationalists are part of the so-called Bible Church movement, which has not typically emphasized the history of the church. The blessing of Dispensationalism is that it gives a great lot of attention to the Bible, which can mean that when presented with strong arguments from Scripture that Dispensationalists are willing to hear them. The curse of Dispensationalism has been that they are so certain that their system is that of Scripture that they see no need to investigate their place in history or their relation to other traditions or even to consider whether some or all of what they believe may be incorrect.

The resources below contain a variety of materials. Some of them address Dispensationalism directly and others address it indirectly. Some of them provide an introduction to Reformed alternatives to Dispensationalist views and methods. Some of them address how Scripture is read among Dispensationalists and offer alternatives. Some of the materials are biographical, stories of ex-Dispensationalists who discovered historic Reformation (specifically Reformed) theology, piety, and practice. Some of the materials address contemporary intra-Dispensational arguments (e.g., the so-called Lordship  Controversy) and its consequences and others sketch the Reformed alternative.


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Articles and Quotations

  1. Can Dispensationalists Be Reformed? (Part 1)
  2. Can Dispensationalists Be Reformed? (Part 2)
  3. We Condemn Jewish Dreams Of A Golden Age
  4. Dispensationalism’s Millennial Memorial Sacrifices: A Regression To Types And Shadows
  5. Good News! The Dividing Wall Is Gone
  6. Southern Presbyterian Church On Dispensationalism In 1944
  7. Berkhof Contra Dispensationalism On The Essential Unity Of Redemptive History
  8. Three Things Dispensational Apologists Should Stop Saying
  9. Dispensationalism May Get You Arrested
  10. The Gospel According To Jesus, Grace, Salvation, And Sanctification
  11. Is There An Apostolic Hermeneutic And Can We Imitate it?
  12. Good News! The Dividing Wall Is Gone
  13. What Preaching Christ From All Of Scripture Does And Does Not Mean
  14. Covenant Theology Is Not Replacement Theology
  15. Antinomianism Is A Serious Error And So Is Nomism
  16. Dismantling the “Rapture”
  17. The USA Is Not Old Testament Israel
  18. What Would Calvin Say (About Premillennialism)?
  19. Are The Ten Commandments For Christians?
  20. Daniel P. Fuller’s Doctrine Of Justification: Antithetical To The Reformation
  21. Daniel P. Fuller’s Doctrine Of Justification: Antithetical To The Reformation
  22. Background On The Current Salvation Controversy
  23. Heidelberg 50: Christ Reigns Now (1)
  24. Heidelberg 50: Christ Reigns Now (2)
  25. We Are Not Polishing Brass On A Sinking Ship
  26. The Israel Of God
  27. Reading the Prophets With The New Testament (1)
  28. Reading the Prophets With The New Testament (2)
  29. Harrison Perkins, Kingdom Through Covenant: A Review (1)
  30. Harrison Perkins, Kingdom Through Covenant: A Review (2)
  31. Resources For A Redemptive-Historical Reading Of Scripture
  32. Resources On The Unity Of The Covenant Of Grace
  33. Resources For Those Beginning To Study Covenant Theology
  34. And Now for Something Completely Different: Amillennialism
  35. A Case for A-millennialism Available on Kindle
  36. What Preaching Christ From All Of Scripture Does And Does Not Mean
  37. Kim Riddlebarger, “Jesus—The True Temple”
  38. Kim Riddlebarger, On The Rise and Fall of Dispensationalism


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