Dispensationalism May Get You Arrested

Bad theology tends to produce bad living.

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  1. But if they were dispensationalists they wouldn’t they be expecting the rapture, not preparing to battle the antichrist?

  2. Okay, these guys are anti-government doomsday nut cases. To try to pin this on Dispensational theology is disingenuous, to say the least. Your headline reminds me of when Bill Clinton tried to blaim the Oklahoma City bombing on Rush Limbaugh.


  3. These could just as easily be amillers, at least the amillers who believe in the appearance of a personal anti-Christ; although odds are they are an extremist representation of dispensational theology — but I would say this is a hasty generalization, if in fact this post was intended to be genuine.

  4. If they are preparing to battle Antichrist, when exactly do they expect the Pope to arrive in the rural Midwest? (Sorry, but I’ve been reading a lot of Calvin lately.)

  5. Somehow I doubt they’re standard dispys…

    Links from their website are a very mixed bag: Jack Van Impe, a Armstrongist WWCOG spinoff site, Dan Corner (obsessed anti-calvinist).

  6. If these guys get out won’t the feel confirmed in their believe that Dooms-day is here/just around the corner.

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