Office Hours Season 4: Complete Audio Commentary On Hebrews

Office Hours 2016 full sizeThis past season on Office Hours (season 4) we focused on the book of Hebrews. The theme is “Jesus Is Really Better.” Our commentators were Bob Godfrey, Steve Baugh, Dennis Johnson, Mike Horton, Dave VanDrunen, Joel Kim, and Hywel Jones. So, we had input from professors in Biblical Studies, church history, systematic theology, and practical theology. This diversity allowed us to explore a wide range of issues in Hebrews and to apply the text to the life of the church. Further, all our commentators are also ministers who’ve preached Hebrews. One of them (Dennis Johnson) did his doctoral work in Hebrews and another (Hywel Jones) has written a commentary on Hebrews. So, we had an embarrassment of riches from which to draw. Here’s the whole series at a glance:

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  1. Thanks for posting these over the past several months! I’ve already downloaded most of them and intend to listen to them all.

    I didn’t know about the app! I’ll give it a try but otherwise have them on an MP3 player.

  2. Scott, thank you so much for posting these. Soon we will begin a class on Hebrews in church so this is very timely.

    I noticed that the links for Hebrews 1 AND Hebrews 1 and 2 (the 2nd and 3rd links above, respectively) go to the same page. Is this correct?

  3. Scott,

    I’m also enjoying these broadcasts. They are a good supplement to the other resources I’m using as I preach through Hebrews.

    Have a good trip to Nebraska. We hope to visit in the next couple of weeks.

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