Heidelcast 99: The Noah Paradigm

Christians in the USA live in an increasingly confused, confusing time. Hostility to the faith seems to be increasing. We seem to be witnessing a growing hostility even to the very idea that there is such a thing as nature with fixed boundaries. Olympic hero Bruce Jenner now identifies as a female. A Norwegian woman now identifies as a cat. A grandmother, who had served homosexual customers for years but who, on the basis of her Christian faith, refused to cater a homosexual wedding faced huge fines levied by a non-elected human rights commission. The same thing is happening to a Christian couple in Oregon and to a Christian bakery in Northern Ireland. Christians in the military report a growing level of hostility toward Christians, in some quarters. Though the President recently visited a Baltimore mosque (with ties to terrorism) to call for tolerance for Muslims in the USA, the nation seems to have forgotten that 9 Christians were murdered, just this past Autumn, in the United States, because of their faith. How do we understand where we are in history and what’s going on? We need a paradigm, a structure within which to make sense of things. Fortunately Scripture has just what we need. It’s the Noah paradigm and we see it in several passages (Genesis 6; Matthew 24:27–42; 1 Peter 3:18–21; 2 Peter 3).

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