Why Did They Not Want You To Know This?


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  1. As with any social media, a multitude of questions need to be asked. The data for tracing cell lines is readily available. The history is vast and context is important. Practices outlawed now were not in the past. Cells grown from knowledge generated from now outlawed practices is in use. How much knowledge gleaned from the Nazi’s that is outlawed but is now in use? Most of us might be sickened if we knew.

    And then there is the reality that most of the medicines that people take have been touched by them at some point–and that beyond vaccine research.

    Is the video designed to inform? inflame? or both? Certainly, it is good to know. Yet there will be those who no little or nothing about the vast history, research and production of medicines that will paint the matter with a very black inflammatory brush.

    It even seems those who wrote the emails got in over their heads because of the vast body of history and knowledge that could not, and can not, be contained in an email, tweet or short interview in a video.

    This all the more means that matter is serious and should be taken seriously. But that with a sober mind. What Dr. Clark wrote in “An Episode Illustrating What Social Media Is” seems to be a great guide in researching this video and the subject matter tied to it.

  2. There is great need for more nuance in this age that completely lacks it. With that said, countless people are being required, by government mandate with the threat of losing their livelihood, to receive a vaccination. Some things are black and white.

  3. Thank you Dr. Clark for this very timely and important reference to the project veritas information. This is exactly the kind of resources I had to use in order to request a religious exemption at IBM for the vaccine mandates. If this is not granted by the company then our future employment will be terminated on December 8th, 2021. I am a Deacon at a PCA church so on the positive side I will have even more time for the ministry. It’s the whole paying the bills part of life that is going to get interesting to say the least. My wife and I had covid earlier this year and our God given immune systems worked just fine. 🙂

    Anyway, keep up the good work Sir.. yours in Christ,

    Jim Hall

  4. Is the issue here that fetal tissue lines were used in the development of Pfizer’s synthetic vaccine or the fact that few people paid close enough attention?

    Or, it is your intention to demonstrate irresponsible reporting (I hope).


    • Paul,

      The issue is that they the tested the vaccine on fetal tissue (human embryo kidney, i.e., HEK experiment 293) obtained through a voluntary (i.e., not medically necessary for the life of the mother) abortion. They did not want this information released.

      The response to concerns about receiving a vaccine tested on infant tissue is that, “It’s no big deal because everything is tested on HEK293 cells.” That remains to be seen. If it is true, why did they try to hide the fact? Why did they try to obscure that fact in any event? That’s my question.

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