Corporate America’s Abortion Incentive

A week before Newsom announced the tax-breaks-for-vacuumed-wombs scheme, Tesla rolled out all-expenses-paid abortion tourism as its latest employee perk. The luxury vehicle maker, fresh from relocating to Texas, assured the public and prospective workers that it would dig into its well-capitalized coffers to fly members of the “work family” to greener pastures to terminate their pregnancies.

…Executives may complain about the lackluster work ethic of younger generations, but they silently thank the gods — namely Moloch — the young lack the ambition to start families. Such initiative might one day cause a worker to ask for a raise. Your employer isn’t interested in your reproductive rights; it wants to keep costs down. Do you know how expensive it is to insure a family? Read more»

Billy McMorris | “The rise of the corporate abortion” | June 28, 2023


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  1. Excellent article that opened my eyes to issues far beyond the horrific new HR practice of paying for abortions. Too many companies today are no different than their 19th and early 20th century predecessors who took advantage of workers and led to the formation of unions. Sadly, those unions have lost sight of their original purpose. Most of my career was devoted to selling very expensive toys to C-level executives (business jets). In too many cases, I found these executives had the same feeling of entitlement as welfare moms are reputed to have. It’ll be interesting to see how God deals with these companies.

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