Do Christian Men Have More Of The Holy Spirit Than Christian Women?

Christian men do not have more of the Holy Spirit than do Christian women.

To say that Christians females have less of the Holy Spirit than Christian males is a gross error in theological anthropology (the doctrine of humanity) and soteriology (the doctrine of salvation).

Dear Christian,

If a leader in your church is teaching that Christian males have more of the Holy Spirit than do Christian females you should complain formally to your leadership about this serious doctrinal error.  If the leadership supports the error, then you should should find and join a confessional Reformed congregation.

In any event, you should find and join a confessional Reformed congregation.


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  1. It’s like saying that Caleb was less faithful than Joshua. Whereas if we take literally what is said in the Book of Joshua, it would appear that Joshua only came off the fence on God’s side the morning following the initial night of weeping. And who were the FIRST preachers of the Resurrection? And yet it was Joshua, not Caleb that was called to lead the children of Israel, and it is men, not women, that are called to take the lead in the settled Church of Christ.
    And thank God for the women He raises up, and has raised up to take the Gospel outside the settled Church, or call an erring church back to the ways of God!

  2. I used to attend a Presbyterian church in George, Western Cape, South Africa. The Presbyterian church here is equivalent to the PCUSA. The minister actually said that God loves married people more than single people. Even back then, I wondered at how he came to that conclusion. Perhaps this narrative of God is love results in errors like these to develop, but I still marvel at the way we try and measure the Divine Essence to that which we can comprehend. As if the Holy Spirit can be diluted.

  3. Gal. 3:26 For you are all sons of God through faith in Jesus Christ. Because: Gal. 3:28 there is neither male nor female, for you are all one in Christ.

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