Ray Of Hope: Parents With Inconvenient Truths About Trans

We are writing with some concerns about our child’s experience in school around the issue of gender.  We understand this is a challenging and controversial topic in schools, and respect that different children and their families have different needs and beliefs regarding gender . . . Continue reading →

Who Is Causing Little Ones To Stumble?

According to numerous polls, many children of believers in Europe and North America are leaving the church once they reach young adulthood. Older Christians do not need polls to tell them this. It is evident in the pews. When we think about . . . Continue reading →

Practical Tips For Family Worship

It’s one of the most basic things that a Christian family does—or should do. And yet there are many Christian parents who’ve just never been taught. They might be new Christians, or perhaps they grew up in a church-going family that was . . . Continue reading →

Of Razors, Corporate Responsibility, Virtue Signaling, And “Toxic Masculinity”

Gillette, a subsidiary of the multi-national corporation, Procter and Gamble (P&G), has released a controversial new ad ostensibly exercising the new ethos of corporate responsibility to instruct men as to what genuine masculinity is and how they ought to behave. If the . . . Continue reading →

Big Fat Nanny State

Okay, we’re living in a big fat nanny state. That’s a euphemism, though. The reality is that central planners have always viewed a child’s first teachers of self-reliance—mothers and fathers—as enemies of the State. The less people learn about basic life skills . . . Continue reading →