Practical Tips For Family Worship

It’s one of the most basic things that a Christian family does—or should do. And yet there are many Christian parents who’ve just never been taught. They might be new Christians, or perhaps they grew up in a church-going family that was . . . Continue reading →

Of Razors, Corporate Responsibility, Virtue Signaling, And “Toxic Masculinity”

Gillette, a subsidiary of the multi-national corporation, Procter and Gamble (P&G), has released a controversial new ad ostensibly exercising the new ethos of corporate responsibility to instruct men as to what genuine masculinity is and how they ought to behave. If the . . . Continue reading →

Big Fat Nanny State

Okay, we’re living in a big fat nanny state. That’s a euphemism, though. The reality is that central planners have always viewed a child’s first teachers of self-reliance—mothers and fathers—as enemies of the State. The less people learn about basic life skills . . . Continue reading →