Audio: Darryl Hart on "Deconstructing Evangelicalism"

hart-deconstructing The fellows at CTC provide an excellent interview with WSC’s own Darryl Hart on the nature and deconstruction of contemporary evangelicalism and the differences between evangelicalism and Reformed theology, piety, and practice. Is it possible that evangelical-ism doesn’t really exist? It’s a great interview generally but the section on worship is terrific. Why do evangelicals (and too many nominally Reformed folk) equate the P&W period of the service with “worship” as in,  “We really worshipped today”? Who calls whom in worship? What is the sign of God’s presence in worship?

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  1. I am beginning to wonder: if evangelicalism doesn’t exist it could be true that kulteurekampft doesn’t either. Or it is at least based on really bad intel in search for things that don’t really exist. Both may be what you get when you deem Jesus your favorite philosopher.

    If the section on worship in DE’ism gets anyone intrigued, I have Recovering Mother Kirk on line two.

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