Calvin and the Reform of Worship

I had a “perfect” outline: 7 points. Trouble is, I got through only 3 of them. I didn’t do much better in the Adult Class yesterday morning at Oceanside URC! For what it’s worth, here is the outline from the conference:Introduction 

A. The Calvin We Think We Know 

1. The Heartless Tyrant 

2. The Predestinarian 

3. The Humanist 

4. The Proto-Barth 

5. The Original Restless and Reformed 

B. The Calvin of History 

C. Thesis:  Calvin’s Principle of Worship Was That We May Do in Worship Only That Which God Has Commanded. This has become known as the RPW. 

II. Calvin the Churchman 

A. A Distorted Picture of His Ecclesiastical Interest. 

B. Pastor Not a Tyrant. 

C. Private Piety Flows from Public Worship 

D. Public Worship Central to Piety and Practice. 

E. Committed to Reforming Public Worship According to the Word. 

F. Calvin’s Principle of Worship Was That of the the Reformed Churches, Confessions, and Orthodox Successors. 

III. Sola Scriptura

A. The Formal Principle of the Reformation 

B. Calvin’s Principle of Worship (RPW) 

C. Calvin’s Distinction Between Externals and Essentials 

D. Calvin’s Distinction Between Types and Shadows 

E. Calvin’s Distinction Between the Sacred and the Secular 

IV. Calvin’s Practice of Worship 

A. Typical Tridentine Roman Mass 

B. Calvin’s Liturgy In Geneva (1542) 

C. Calvin’s Practice Transitional 

V. Soli Deo Gloria 

A. The Object of Worship 

B. The Subject of Worship 

VI. Conclusion: The Necessity of Reforming the Church? 

VII. Means for Reforming the Churc

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