It Makes Him Uncomfortable But In a Good Way

recoveringNick has read chapter 7 of RRC on worship. His survey of the chapter made me laugh out loud—I had to think for a while about “spit the dummy”—and I wrote the chapter! Of course, the author hopes you’ll read the chapter for yourself.

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  1. I’m forgetting my American readership won’t get British idioms.

    “Spit the dummy” could be replaced by “Spit the pacifier”. Think angry infants.

    Glad it made you laugh! The chapter made me seriously perspire.

  2. Nick,

    I’m glad that you persevered. I hoped that folk would take that attitude, “I don’t like it but my reasons for not liking aren’t very good.” I had the very same experience as I began to try to sort through the issues.

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