D. G. Hart and Parker Williamson to Speak in Omaha April 21-22

Our own Darryl Hart is a plenary speaker at a conference connected with the Presbyterian Layman to be held in Omaha April 21-22. Info is here. More info from the Layman. The confessional Reformed community in the lower midwest is not mighty . . . Continue reading →

Resources On Machen, Christianity, And Liberalism

In 1923 J. Gresham Machen, a professor at Princeton Theological Seminary, published one of the more important books in the modern history of the Reformed and Presbyterian churches, Christianity and Liberalism. It was a stirring and cogent defense of the thesis that . . . Continue reading →

The Question Of The Hour In The PCA

The question of the hour is whether missional contextualization requires celibate gay/same-sex-attracted (SSA) “Side B” pastors. The supporters of (or tolerators of) Side B ministers and the novel doctrine that goes along with them would not say that mission-driven cultural accommodation (per . . . Continue reading →

The Theologically Liberal Empire Strikes Back

In 1923 J. Gresham Machen (1881–1937) published his incisive and devastating critique of theological liberalism, Christianity and Liberalism. At the outset let me emphasize that we are discussing theological liberalism. There are other uses of the word liberalism, e.g., “classical liberalism” refers to . . . Continue reading →