New In Print: NTJ Volume 15, Number 1

The Nicotine Theological Journal is alive again and online. If you have a printer attached to a computer and choose to do so, it can also be in print again. Co-edited by D. G. Hart and John Muether,
the NTJ has been silent for a decade but with this issue the editors offer some assessment of things (including Machen’s relevance) since the last time the NTJ appeared as well as essays by Hart, Brad Isbell, and yours truly, “Presbyterians and Anglicans Together.” You can read it online at

The editors write, “The NTJ’s editorial agenda remains the same: one of the besetting problems of twentieth-century confessional Presbyterianism is the huge disparity between faith and practice. Conservative Reformed folk have been very good (for the most part) about doctrinal fidelity. But they have not been very astute about maintaining distinctively Reformed practices and we believe that without the “plausibility structures” of these practices, Reformed orthodoxy will die a slow and painful death, which is another way of saying, it will have nothing to to say about the way we daily order our lives…”.  As we way on the Heidelcast, “we’re talking about practice.” Read more»

The NTJ is free for now but will become a subscription newsletter. I subscribed the first time and plan to subscribe again. I hope that you will join me.


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