New: NTJ Volume 16 (No 4) For Fall 2022

The NTJ is not quite venerable but it is memorable and there is a new issue just before Autumn ends. It is perfect way to spend a cold and blustery day—inside with the NTJ, the HB, and catching up on the Heidelcast. You can download your copy here. This issue features essays on “Protestant Tradition,” “Biblicism,” “Why Should Santa Have All the Good Hymns?,” a survey of the recent fascination with Bavinck and more.


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  1. Re: Why Should Santa Have All the Good Hymns?

    As a native New Englander I can attest to the hardness of the soil and the dearth of solid reformed churches. However for anyone traveling to Rhode Island: one of only two RPCNA churches in New England is just 6 miles from First Baptist in Providence (Christ RPC).

    I realize this is beside the point of the essay.

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