It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again: Keister Refutes Moon

Ever had a déjà vu experience? Ever had a déjà vu experience? Ever had a déjà vu experience? Ever had a déjà vu experience? This is the experience I’ve been having watching the discussion concerning the Federal Vision in the PCA Siouxlands Presbytery. I’ve been having . . . Continue reading →

Keister: Doug Wilson Denies Sola Fide

A good lot of so-called “conservative” (what are they conserving?) Reformed types have told me, “Yes, Wilson has some weird views but he’s different from the other Federal Visionists.” Really? Rhetorically perhaps, but substantially? Lane Keister, who has been sitting in with . . . Continue reading →

NTJ 14.2 (Spring 2010) Out Now: On the PCA's Strategic Plan

The latest issue of the Nicotine Theological Journal is out and it features essays by some of the PCA’s young guns.  Jason Stellman, Wes White, Lane Keister, and Martin Hedman are thinking through the PCA’s Strategic Plan and what it means for . . . Continue reading →

Lane is Reading Always Reformed

Lane writes: “In the time of Machen, and even afterward, Reformed folk generally approved of Machen’s fight against liberalism, although even there they were hesitant to adopt the same level of combativeness that Machen had.” Read more»

Disagreeing With You Isn’t Unloving

Have you ever noticed that when differences of opinion come up between the confessionalists and the “can’t we all get along” (hereafter abbreviated “cwaga”) folks, that incredibly shrill and unloving voices come from the latter group directed towards the former group, all . . . Continue reading →