Calvin500 Schedule, St Pierre Cathedral 5-10 July 09

The Calvin 500 planning committee has released the following revised schedule:

JULY 5, 2009 (SUNDAY)

11:30 Greetings for Opening Convocation of Calvin500 in St. Pierre Cathedral
Worship and Sermon by Dr. Sinclair Ferguson, “In Christ Alone” Phil. 3:8-12.
6:00 PM Joint Worship, with Sermon by the Rt. Rev. Henry Orombi, Archbishop of Uganda

Psalm Sing and worship
Sermon by Dr. Bryan Chapell (President, Covenant Sem.): “In Praise of Predestination,” Eph. 1:3-6

JULY 6, 2009 (MONDAY)

Paper: Dr. Douglas Kelly (RTS): “The Catholicity of the Theology of John Calvin”
Paper: Dr. Richard Gamble (RPTS): “Recent Research in Calvin Studies”
Paper: Dr. Darryl Hart: “Calvin among Nineteenth-Century Reformed Protestants in the United States”

Keynote Address: Dr. John Witte (Emory), “Reading Calvin as a Lawyer,”
Sermon by Rev. Geoffrey Thomas (Wales, Alfred Place Baptist Church), “Election” Eph. 1:3-14
Sermon by Dr. Peter Lillback (Pres., Westminster Sem., “All the Glorious Offices of Christ,
“1 Cor. 1:29-31
Sermon Dr. Robert Godfrey (Pres., Westminster Sem California), “Calvin’s Cherished Text,” Jn 17:1- 5

JULY 7, 2009 (TUESDAY)

Paper: Dr. Richard Burnett (Erskine Theological Seminary): “Calvin on Secular and Sacred History”
Paper: Dr. William Edgar (Westminster Theological Seminary): “Calvin’s Impact on the Arts”
Paper: Dr. Anthony Lane (London School of Theology): “Calvin’s Doctrine of Assurance Revisited”

Keynote Address: Dr. Bruce McCormack (Princeton): “Union with Christ in Calvin’s Theology:
Grounds for a Divinisation Theory?”

Address: Dr. Henry Krabbendam: “Reformation and Revival”
Dr. Steven Lawson (Christ Fellowship Baptist, Mobile, AL): “Calvin, the Expository Preacher”
Dr. Iain D. Campbell (Back Free Church, Scotland) “Three Great Intercessions” (Romans 8:26, 34).
Sermon by Dr. J. Ligon Duncan


Paper: Dr. R. Scott Clark (Westminster Sem California): “Calvin’s Principle of Worship”
Paper: Dr. Hughes Old/Dr. Terry Johnson (Erskine): “Calvin’s Worship Reforms”
Paper: Dr. Henri Blocher, “Calvin, the Frenchman”

Keynote Address: Dr. William McComish, Emeritus Dean, St. Pierre Cathedral, “Calvin’s Children”
Afternoon: Young Calvin Scholars Symposium
Paper: Dr. Jae Sung Kim: “Calvinism in Asia”
Sermon by Dr. Philip Ryken (Tenth Pres, Philadelphia): “A Wide Door for Spreading the Gospel,” 1Cor. 16:5-11
Sermon by Dr. Joel Beeke (President, Puritan Ref Theo Sem): “Cherishing the Church,” Mt. 16:18b
Dr. Martin Holdt, “Psalm 100 Then and Now,” Psalm 110


Paper: Dr. James McGoldrick (GPTS): “Calvin and Luther: Comrades in Christ”
Paper: Dr. Michael Horton (Westminster Seminary California): “Union and Communion:Rediscovering Calvin’s Eucharistic Theology.”
Paper: Dr. Andrew McGowan (Scotland): “John Calvin’s Doctrine of Scripture”

Keynote Address: Dr. Herman Selderhuis:
Paper: Dr. George Knight: “Calvin as New Testament Exegete”
Dr. Henri Blocher: “Calvin on Divine Election”
Sermon: Rev. Ted Donnelly (Principal, Reformed Theological College, Belfast): “More Than Conquerors,” Rom. 8:37

Dr. Hywel Jones (Wales/USA): “One of a Thousand,” Job 36:1-4
Dr. Derek Thomas (RTS) “Adoring the Majesty of God,”Rom. 11:33-36

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  1. Dr. Clark,

    Will any of the sermons or lectures be available for download? Glad you will be among the scholars!

  2. Scott –

    That “Joint Worship service” is joint between who and whom? I hope it’ll be simple and follow the Genevan order of worship.. (?) Certainly I hope it’s not an Anglican service! 😮


    • There was some acapella psalmody during some of the services. There were three sermons each evening, Mon-Fri but the organ was used in a fair number of services.

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