Now in the Bookstore: Tributes to John Calvin

The latest volume in the Calvin500 series is the publication of the conference papers delivered last summer in Geneva as part of the year-long celebration (Calvinpalooza) of John Calvin’s 500th birthday. This is a wide-ranging collection of essays by a diverse, international group of scholars. Scholars, pastors (or pastor-scholars), seminary students, and elders with a historical bent will be especially interested in this volume. The editor, David Hall, gracious submitted to an interview yesterday and it will be broadcast in a couple of weeks on Office Hours.

This volume contains essays by some outstanding scholars. My essay on Calvin’s principle of worship is included. You can see the table of contents here. You can read William McComish’s paper on “Calvin’s Children” here.

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  1. Ihave this volume with me in Nashville at the PCA General Assembly. How’s that for light summer reading?

  2. I bought my copy last night. Looking to forward reading your chapter. My church is going through Dr. Hart & Dr. Muether’s book “With Reverence and Awe” and we are going through that part of book.

    God Bless

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