Scott Manetsch On Calvin In His Context And Ours

ManetschScottScott Manetsch is on campus this week through the kind offices of the Westminster Seminary California student association. He gave a convocation lecture this morning on Reforming ministry in Geneva and will conclude tomorrow. He also sat for an Office Hours interview that will air later this year. Scott is author of an outstanding 2013 book, Calvin’s Company of Pastors: Pastoral Care and the Emerging Reformed Church, 1536–1609. If you’re looking for a place learn about Calvin, Geneva and ministry in Geneva after Calvin (he did his doctoral work on Theodore Beza).

After his convocation lecture, which should appear on the WSC site before long, he spoke to my CH602 Medieval-Reformation Church History class. We took a break from the medieval church to think with him about Calvin in his context and ours. He graciously allowed me to record to the lecture and to post it. Because the questioners were out of range of the mic I edited the audio for time and clarity.

Here’s the audio (run time is 55 minutes):

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  1. Dear Dr. Clark,
    Thank you for making the audio available. I look forward to listening to the audio and the OH episode soon.

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