D. G. Hart On Americanism

This is from a conference co-hosted by Providence Reformed Church (URC) and Grace Reformed Presbyterian Church (OPC) in DesMoines. You can see all the talks here. (HT: Presbyterian Blues)

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  1. Thanks for the link – first time I’ve seen Dr Hart, who I enjoy reading. But I’m surprised to see the candles and red banner (or whatever you call it) on the communion table (not quite an altar) – is this at the URC – and is that common in their churches?

  2. Comes up in a Google image search. Could the man look more Presbyterian? The bow tie…the pipe…the confidence in the sovereignty of God written all over his face….

  3. The conference of which this lecture is a part, is great Presbyerian and Reformed History. I finished listening to all 7 (6 lectures and a q&a) this morning. I recommend distriubtion, far and wide. May it reach a receptive hearing. And all that 🙂

    Thanks for it posting here, R. Scott. Take care.

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